Why Start Making Vlogs

Before I decided to buy a brand new camera and begin making vlogs, I wanted to write down my thoughts in the form of a written blog. I felt like I had a lot to say, but never could find the words to start a blog and gave up far too quickly. Our channel UK Family Vlog has been uploading videos on YouTube for over two years, I have decided to have a real attempt at writing a blog.

Well, here it is…

I thought the best topic to write about as my first blog is why did we start making videos and sharing them with strangers from all over the world.

Honestly, I am not sure.

I remember watching a video on YouTube in about 2010, I was scrolling through the top 20 most watched videos or something or something like that. I found a channel called the Shaytards. While watching I remembering thinking; why is this idiot sharing videos of his family? why is he throwing his young children onto a bed and recording it? why am I watching this? Why? I just did not understand it at all. However, I did keep going back to this channel and soon I was hooked on watching their daily vlogs. After a short time, I could see how happy this family was together and realised how many treasured memories and been collected through the recording of their vlogs. Watching their videos, I reflected on my role as a father with my two young children Lucy and Ryan. I realised that I could make more time for them as my head was mainly in my work at the time. I did think while watching the Shaytards at the time I could do that, but did not have the confidence to go ahead with it, plus I did not what my children on the internet, with hearing the negative news in the press etc. However, as you know I did end up doing this years later.

I did find other vlogging channels, but the main one I enjoyed watching was CoupleVloggers, who have since changed their YouTube channel name to Trevor & Karyn. They are a young normal newly married couple, from the US, who filmed daily videos about what was going on in their lives at the time. This became addictive viewing for me. Trevor and Karyn recorded the events leading up to their wedding day and with me and Emma being newlyweds we could relate to them. It was Trevor and Karyn who made me want to make vlogs and one day randomly I started talking to the camera as I thought if he can do that then so can I.

I made some videos of me talking to the camera that I never uploaded and in fact, they were deleted soon after they were recorded. I did not know how to talk to the camera at all. I wanted to make a video expressing my personal thoughts about being diagnosed with depression and anxiety. It was a difficult time for everyone in the family and I will discuss this in another blog. Later, instead of talking to the camera I filmed my three children at the time Lucy, Ryan and two-year-old Sophie. The videos were of them playing, doing puzzles, mainly family time additives, what I recorded I looked at that night and edited short videos not meaning to upload but for me to think of happy things to help block out my negative depressing thoughts. After a week or so I was filming the children in the yard, I was sat on the back door step, Ryan was playing with his remote control car and Sophie was trying her best to annoy him. I filmed everything on our flip cam, later in the day Emma said ‘we should upload it to YouTube’ I think she was joking, but I did it anyway. That night I thought about a channel name and all I could think of was K Family, K Family Vlog, our surname begins with a K, plus K was my nickname at school (along with Killer), but it was already taken. So I created our YouTube channel with a U in front of the K to make UK Family Vlog. Two years on I am still not sure I like the name or not.

While uploading our first lot of vlogs me and Emma discussed in detail if we should be doing this. I was feeling better in myself because I found something that was keeping me active, helping me spend more time with my family and I had something to watch when I felt low that quickly picked up my mood. The benefits of vlogging outgrew the doubts that I and Emma had. However, we were very careful regarding the children’s identity by giving the children nicknames and being careful on what we recorded. We hardly had any views at the beginning and it did not matter as we were enjoying making videos as a family. The children only videoed if they wanted to. I feel talking about the children and vlogging is a subject on its own for a later blog, so I will move on.

After 50 videos we stopped making vlogs, just before Halloween 2014. I am not sure why maybe the novelty of vlogging had gone or something but what I do know is that my depressive state became worse between the time we were not making videos. This is something I want to discuss in a blog at a later date.
After seven months after finding out Isla was going join our family, we moved house across the city, we spoke about starting the vlogs again. I wanted too because I came through the worst of my depression and wanted something new to focus on as I made a mess of my university course and did not have much going on at the time. So we were back and this is when our vlogs began to take off. We have met so many amazing people through making videos and so happy to call them friends. We all enjoy making videos, even though Emma sometimes has her doubts at times. I do not think we will stop anytime soon.

Honestly, I think our journey is only just beginning.